Spells and Witchcraft Handbook

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Love....Luck....Spirits....Friendship...Rituals...you name it.

Enter the world of magick with this book, containing plenty of spells for all kind of needs.

Spells can range from simple incantations to complex magical rituals. Abracadabra, Abraxas and Hocus Pocus are well-known examples of verbal spells. A spell can be anything from a prayer to a heart-felt wish. Spells can also be amulets, talismans, voodoo dolls, wangas, fetishes, mojos, potions, powders... in fact a spell can take any form.

Self Cures

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Here is a comprehensive collection of home remedies and alternative herbal medicine for common ailments and many more. Use the ingredients in your kitchen and you will be back on your feet in no time or email the remedies to your ill friends.

Card Tricks and Techniques

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Do you want to know how to handle cards properly? You've come in the right place. Starting with basics and getting to more advanced stuff, you can learn a lot of useful things in this application.

Bridal Flowers

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Searching for the perfect bridal bouquet? We can help you with this application. You can browse more than 90 wedding flowers!

Fun Recipes For Your Kids

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Getting your kids in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time with them. Cooking with kids is a wonderful, fun adventure. Here you will find lot of easy and fun kids recipes. So grab your chef's hat and apron, get your spatula and mixing bowl and let's cook. Getting your kids cooking is easier than you think!

Drawing Tutorials

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Learn to draw!!! If you want to impress someone with your drawing skills, or you want to teach your kid how to draw you're in the right place. This application will teach you how to draw animal characters starting with basic shapes and building up as you go.

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